10 Reasons to switch your Internet provider

  1. You want to keep more of your money
  2. You “get” that a higher bandwidth line and a lower cap just means you’re going to give it away sooner
  3. You understand that whether you’re pulling it down at 5 Mb/s or 25, that it’s going to finish before you wake up
  4. You aren’t foolish enough to confuse latency with speed
  5. You are sure that they think we’re all pretty dumb with that whole UBB thing
  6. Telling your friends you have switched to some company they’ve never heard of will make you a hit at parties  (OK, only LAN parties)
  7. Because you have a choice
  8. Now that you’re uncapped, you can use Netflix and Hulu and probably cut your cable too (we did! ask me how…)
  9. Because caps are for baseball
  10. Don’t worry, if you still need to feel fleeced, you’re probably still have cell phone service!

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