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ServiceStack 4 HTTP Utilities: Functional Contract Testing

ServiceStack 4 HTTP Utilities: Functional Contract Testing ServiceStack 4 comes with some really great new tools for accessing an HTTP resource using a fluent syntax. They make a great addition – sometimes the JsonServiceClient (often just called the C# client) is a little too smart! For instance, let’s say you’ve published a specification saying how … Continue reading

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Seven Reasons to Love Duck Angular

Duck Angular A team I’m working with saw a gap when they were testing AngularJS apps: Functional regression, while necessary, didn’t provide fast enough feedback. Using unit testing techniques they could obviously test the JavaScript functions behind their Angular controllers, but that didn’t help them assert that bindings were correct or that directives actually manipulated … Continue reading


Organizational Risk

Transforming an organization is a difficult business. One common pattern is the development team takes up the charge, practicing scrum and XP techniques. However, they may find their agile team working with a waterfall oriented Enterprise Architecture and Web Operations department. There’s an impedance mis-match here that can result in risk to your project, particularly … Continue reading

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“Bring a Laptop, Will Code” Events

“Bring a Laptop, Will Code” Events I’ve always found events where you are expected to participate by coding the most interesting. You can see how your fellow developers think, possibly see other environments, and actually sharpen your skills. Often during the work day, developers have time pressures and business interests to factor in – this … Continue reading

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If your job ad asks for a “XYZ Software Developer”, you may be doing it wrong.

If your job ad for a software developer states the language or tools you expect them to use after they start, you may be doing it wrong. Smart developers should be able to pick up almost any language quickly when they’re working together, particularly if they’re pair programming Smart developers are good programmers in whatever … Continue reading

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Test Driven Development with KnockoutJS, VisualStudio, and Karma: Binding to the View

In our last post, we created a ViewModel which models the basic functionality we would like on the page. As a reminder, we have a Knockout “observable array” of items suitable for binding; each item is a JavaScript object containing a title and description in addition to a value called complete which indicates if this … Continue reading