Going Agile: A “32 degree” moment

One thing you might notice as you go through the agile process… you can do standup, you can move cards around on a corkboard, you can estimate, do time boxed iterations, milestones… but the User Story is the key to it all.

If you don’t break your software project up in to digestible, well formed pieces, all of the other things are just window dressing.

  • When requests pile in to us at various stages of specification, and none of them looks anything like a user story, it takes your BA team and developers a long time to re-distill the requests in to user stories. If you make sure that more and more requests are starting out life as user stories, there is less re-writing. This has a huge impact.
  • There is a really great Kanban “cork board” plugin for FogBugz.  If you use FogBugz, I think you’ll really like it. Stefan Rusek’s Kanban Board plugin really takes FogBugz to the next level.


More links on Agile and Kanban:

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