Top 10 problems with my HTC HD7!

I love the phone in many ways. The build quality is very high, the device looks good, the screen is gorgeous, the controls work well, processor feels snappy. All in all, the device has a place in my heart, but I’m just plain missing my iPhone right about now.  Here’s the low down!
I’ll start with the good:
  1. The screen looks beautiful!
  2. Facebook, MSN and Gmail integration are stunning! Really well done.  Contacts, Calendar, email, all synchronize without any weird setup steps.
  3. The email app, while missing some functions that I’ve come to rely on like thread view, is very very good. The search actually seems to work, the messages are easy to read and navigate.
  4. The device has horsepower to spare; the processing speed on the majority of tasks is superb.
  5. The tile updates work really well (when they are working). The commercials are right, I couldn’t live without this now.
  6. The Zune desktop app is a really fantastic piece of software. It’s made me realize just how bad iTunes is! Zune looks good, is easy to use, and performs very well on my hardware.
  7. Call quality is great.
  8. Battery life is astronomical compared to my iPhone 3GS.

As promised, on to the 10 things that bother me the most:

  1. The device is too big! Sure, it fits in my pocket easily; but I find myself at least a few times a day needing to switch to two hands because I’m finding it hard to type with only one thumb. Keep in mind, at 6’6, I have really big hands and long fingers that can cover a lot of space very quickly – as a developer, I type for a living.  This never happened on my iPhone – not in landscape mode or in portrait mode.
    • Udpate: I appear to have gotten over this. I doubt my hands have grown! So I must just be more able to stretch.
  2. WP7 feels like a time warp sometimes.  If the Office app, the People app, the WordPress app make me feel like I’m a character in the Jetsons, the Instant Messenger app, the Facebook app, the Twitter client all feel like I’m in the Flintstones! No Remote Desktop! No Mint! No Skype! No Meebo!
    • Update: the above complaints are now largely resolved. Skype has a beta, the built in messaging app is better than Meebo, and there is now Remote Desktop. Just missing Mint! And my Online Banking, and thousands of other things…
  3. Mioyoma Messenger crashes half the time I use it at least, and the other half of the time its slow.
    • Update: I don’t use this program anymore, the built in messaging app is now amazing for IM needs.
  4. Often I’m finding that the mic stops working and I have to reboot to fix this. Weird.
    • Update: this is no longer happening.
  5. The search button is in the way. I keep hitting it when I’m trying to type, especially one handed. See #1.
  6. No cut and paste! Dying for this.
    1. Update: Fixed!
  7. The browser is a bit clunky. Going in to landscape mode you no longer have the address bar available to you, sites that are great on iPhone are unusable on WP7 IE8 …
    • Update: Fixed, mostly. IE9 on WP7 is now a modern, useful web browser. It’s not as well supported as mobile Safari of course – for instance, while GMail on mobile Safari is awesome, GMail on IE9/WP7 is merely serviceable – but overall, the browser is much improved.
  8. I don’t like the way selecting text works. You put your thumb down on the screen, and given a moment a selection cursor appears above your thumb.
    • Update: Fixed! Text selection is much better in Mango.
  9. The Zune player in the phone doesn’t feel quite right with Podcasts – I find I’m starting them over from the beginning, perhaps on accident, if I don’t use the application just right.
  10. Not sure I am in love with the way the volume thing works. Is it controlling ringer volume? Phone call volume? MP3 volume? I don’t know!

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