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Seven Reasons to Love Duck Angular

Duck Angular A team I’m working with saw a gap when they were testing AngularJS apps: Functional regression, while necessary, didn’t provide fast enough feedback. Using unit testing techniques they could obviously test the JavaScript functions behind their Angular controllers, but that didn’t help them assert that bindings were correct or that directives actually manipulated … Continue reading


The Next Wave

The Current Wave JavaScript was the “Next Wave” maybe two years ago. JavaScript is in your database. JavaScript is on the server. JavaScript is on the client. JavaScript is in your network transport. JavaScript is in your lisp. JavaScript is testable. The Next Wave I think the next wave is something functional, probably Clojure, for … Continue reading

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Test Driven Development with KnockoutJS, VisualStudio, and Karma: Binding to the View

In our last post, we created a ViewModel which models the basic functionality we would like on the page. As a reminder, we have a Knockout “observable array” of items suitable for binding; each item is a JavaScript object containing a title and description in addition to a value called complete which indicates if this … Continue reading

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Test Driven Development with KnockoutJS, VisualStudio, and Karma: Live Demo

I’m giving a presentation on KnockoutJS, Karma-Runner, and TDD at DevTeach in Toronto on Wednesday. I’ll be doing a live code demo, which is always exciting (at least for the presenter). Here’s a screen grab of me practicing the live code demo. Topics covered: Creating project in VisualStudio, adding knockout and jasmine via nuget Setting … Continue reading

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Testing with Angular’s E2E Testing Framework

Outdated content warning. The techniques in this article are now out of date. Google no longer supports the “E2E” testing framework. 7 Reasons to love Duck Angular covers a more modern approach to testing Angular applications. Note Special Collaboration This article is a special collaboration between Stephane Bisson, who developed the concept, the app, and … Continue reading