Resources for AngularJS Developers

One of the main complaints for AngularJS developers is that the documentation isn’t quite as rich as we’d like. I had the good fortune to talk to one of the members of the Angular team last night, and scribbled notes furiously. I’ve found each of the below valuable resources.

Video Resources has a great video series on AngularJS, launched March 1st, covering a wide range of topics. Binding, controllers, filters, directives and so much more. This is a really great resource for either new Angular devs that want to know more or existing Angular devs that want to brush up on specific topics.

Youtube Channel

The AngularJS Youtube Channel is a great resource for video content also. The Angular team contributes, as does the community, and there’s a lot of content available here.

Forums, Q&A, and Mailing Lists

The AngularJS Mailing List

If you want to drink from the firehose and be connected more directly to the team, Sign up for the!forum/angular [AngularJS mailing list]. It also makes a great resource for searching if your particular issue has been found before.


StackOverflow has a tag for AngularJS. StackOverflow is a really great resource for Angular as you might imagine.

Specific Documentation

IE Bootstrapping

For developers wrestling with getting Angular to bootstrap in Internet Explorer, the IE page in their documentation has some great comments that talks you through what you need to do (yes, check the comments!)

Search Engine Optimization

When projects start to think about how to work with search engine optimization, YearOfMoo has a post on this worth reading.

Additionally, Stephane Bisson has started a project that works on the SEO problem. Check it out!

Tips & Tricks

Dean Sofer has a great blog entry with a bunch of AngularJS tips and tricks, including a nice section on templates.

Testing : E2E

If you’re running in to difficulties doing end to end testing with Selenium, check out E2E.

4 thoughts on “Resources for AngularJS Developers

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  2. Hi,Is it possible to store entire scope object.I also want to restore copied scope object with the same controller.How its possible?Suggest some ideas.

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