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Test Driven Development with KnockoutJS, VisualStudio, and Karma: Live Demo

I’m giving a presentation on KnockoutJS, Karma-Runner, and TDD at DevTeach in Toronto on Wednesday. I’ll be doing a live code demo, which is always exciting (at least for the presenter). Here’s a screen grab of me practicing the live code demo. Topics covered: Creating project in VisualStudio, adding knockout and jasmine via nuget Setting … Continue reading

Agile / Technology

Testing with Angular’s E2E Testing Framework

Outdated content warning. The techniques in this article are now out of date. Google no longer supports the “E2E” testing framework. 7 Reasons to love Duck Angular covers a more modern approach to testing Angular applications. Note Special Collaboration This article is a special collaboration between Stephane Bisson, who developed the concept, the app, and … Continue reading