Blogging With Asciidoc

This is essentially a test post for asciidoc, wordpress, and

I’ve been reading more about asciidoc, and I’ve found that there’s a cool Python script for posting asciidoc files to WordPress as new blog posts. It’s called blogpost, creatively, and you can find it on the Author’s blog. The script dates back to 2008, so this is far from new. It seems to be an open source project as its hosted at Google Code. There have been updates in in the last three months, so it doesn’t seem to have completely fallen in to disrepair, which is nice.

How well did it work for me?

Well, my plan was:

  1. Install blogpost
  2. Write this post in TextMate
  3. Upload it to WordPress and see how it goes

If you’re reading this, and it doesn’t look terrible, then, well, it probably works pretty well.

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