Nexus One

First of all, from what I’ve heard from my international West Coast super secret technology spies, the Nexus One is very cool.  Fast processor, great OS, shiny, tiny all that great stuff. I do want one, and though I’m miffed that it won’t work with Rogers 3G network here in the frozen North, if they were selling them in the Eaton Centre tomorrow I’d probably jump on it anyway.

Also I think I get their mobile strategy a bit better; I was beginning to wonder, if Android only ran on random phones made by various companies, how could it really compete?  I think its smart that Google is putting out something that could be considered a reference phone – not just the phone that a Telco obsessed handset manufacturer would crank out, but the phone that Google really wants to see Android running on.  This clicks, I was really wondering how they would compete with the iPhone when their install base was so fragmented.  They still have a fragmentation problem, but now at least we know what its supposed to look like.

I think the thing that’s bothering me… is that today when I opened Google connected to the squid proxy on my US based Linux VPS, they were showing an ad for the phone right on

If Steve Jobs or Bill Gates called up Google and asked for that ad space, how much do you think it would cost them? Do you think it would even be for sale?

Why shouldn’t it be? Google is an advertising based company, right?

I know, I know, they want to win the mobile market so that they can be an even better advertising player, so that they will still be relevant in 2015 once we all access the Internet using mobile computers in our shoes that use bluetooth to project the image to our sunglasses, I get that.

There’s just something that doesn’t sit well with me about this.  Maybe I’m not as businessy as I thought! Maybe I should stick to the technology side…

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