Geeky things I did over the holidays

  • Shopped for, and bought, a Netbook.  Tiny laptops rock! Who knew? (edit: found this afterward. It was more than I planned on spending, but in retrospect wish I’d found it earlier)
  • Spent two hours writing unit tests in TCL for a pile of source code I don’t know anything about.  This makes me want to learn Python for some reason.
  • Wrote more code for my WCF project that I’m working on.  Knocked out a few classes and refactored the existing stuff to make it a bit more maintainable, then chewed myself out for re-writing perfectly good code.
  • Bought a budget Laser printer, and attached it to an old Windows XP laptop as a print server in my new home office.
  • Got a haircut.  (Why is this geeky? I cut it at home!)
  • Went to see Avatar! Yay 3d glasses and movies totally built for the MMO generation.  Very cool! Go see it.
  • Watched the movie Moon.  Very well done!  Does not require 3d glasses.
  • Wrote a blog post about Gmail.
  • Played with Android phones that two family members were using. I’m impressed! They’ve done a sweet job.

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