So, now that I have a firm grasp of what’s good and bad about WCF -> MSMQ, I’m going to take the evening out to review nServciceBus.  It’s website isn’t down, and I have a pot of tea and a stack of old CD’s, so lets see how much I can figure out.  The inherent pub/sub async distributed, queued architecture promises to be easier to configure and more fault tolerant than WCF.  This should be a low bar…

And besides, there’s a whopping 35 entries under the nServiceBus tag on ServerFault, so how niche can it be? 😉

As a side note, I’m listening to Grumpy’s album “No Respect For Gravity”.  Indeed.

3 thoughts on “nServiceBus

    • I very quickly got the pub-sub example going, and it worked really well. I spent only a few minutes trying to extend it to a multi-machine environment and wasn’t able to immediately grok how. I have a strong sense that I’m going to try to use this on my next distributed app instead of a monolithic broker style architecture.

  1. Moving to a multi-machine environment entails changing the UnicastBusConfig section of the subscriber’s config so that its MessageEndpointMappings entry has MyPublisherInputQueue@MyPublisherMachine.

    Hope that helps.

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